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At 204 Lifestyle, we offer a fresh, fun and positive approach to nutrition. We empower our clients through education and support, with the goal of continued success when they finish our program. Our goal is to help clients cultivate a healthy relationship with food, using an inclusive approach that supports their goals. We focus on small lifestyle changes that are sustainable and deliver amazing results. Work with us to change your diet, improve your fitness and accomplish your goals.

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How It Works: Our Lifestyle

We create a plan to eat the foods we enjoy. We have fun as we move and stay active. We smile, laugh and enjoy the best of health and happiness.

Foods You Love

Enjoy all foods in quantities that support your aesthetic, health and fitness goals.


Train your body to look and feel great.

Live Well

Your lifestyle: the key to health and happiness.

Healthy Food Makes a Happy Life:
The Flexible Food Philosophy

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Healthy Recipes

Homemade Pico de Gallo
Homemade Pico de Gallo

It’s easy, nutritious, not calorically dense and you can eat it with everything! Once you make this fresh amazing recipe...

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Spicy Tahini Chicken and Zoodles
Spicy Tahini Chicken and Zoodles

Spice up the night with this delicious asian/mediterranian inspired dish. High in protein and packed with green goodness this...

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Egg-White Frittata
Egg-White Frittata

Use up your veggies, and hit your targets no problem with this delicious breakfast or lunch option. All kinds of nutrients...

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  • A chicken salad as part of a healthy dinner.
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  • Pork wraps prepared by 204 Lifestyle.
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  • A healthy breakfast bowl as part of a sound diet prepared by 204 Lifestyle.



"After one month of tracking, significantly increased protein intake and lots of encouragement from Crystal, the numbers started to head the right way. And yes, even in one’s fifties, with the proper balance of macronutrients and varied physical activity, one can lose body fat AND gain muscle! WOW!

SherylRetired dietitian

Thanks so much 204 Lifestyle for helping me achieve my goals! You're amazing, and it's been so much fun working with you.


I have been working with Crystal for almost four months now, and I feel great! She really keeps me in line when it comes to diet and training and has helped me cut for summer with a smart approach, such that my training hasn't been too affected! Really enjoy working with Crystal and can't wait to see gains we can make together through the winter!


Passionate about life!

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Success Story

“Changing my diet improved my life in a major way.”

My goal over the past few months has been to lose weight, lose body fat, and increase muscle mass. My weight had crept up and I didn’t feel good about that. I knew I wasn’t eating well, but there are so many diets out there, I didn’t know which approach to use. I wanted to find a way of eating that was balanced and included foods I like so that I could sustain it. I found that in the CrossFit 204 nutrition program, which I’ve been following since June.

Changing my diet improved my life in a major way. I’ve lost 15 lb. and several inches of fat, and I feel much better about myself. I also have a lot more energy and recover more quickly from the workouts. My ability to do the workouts has also gotten better.

By Yvonne

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Strength training as part of a healthy lifestyle.

204 Lifestyle Blog

204 Lifestyle: The Beginning!
204 Lifestyle: The Beginning!

The beginning! I am so excited to launch the 204 Lifestyle wesbite. We’ve been helping people with fitness and nutrition...

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