More About Me: Our Story

204 Lifestyle was founded in July 2016. Crystal started it as a passion project to help herself, but it quickly grew into a business dedicated to helping others. The message has always been the same: consistency.

The world of nutrition is exciting, but it can be daunting for many who are looking to make positive changes. Where do you start? Which diet is right for you? Which foods should you eat and which ones should you avoid? Do you need supplements? What about sleep?

Crystal adopted a guiding principle from her years of training and applied it to nutrition: simplicity and consistency. The plan that works is the plan you follow. This ideology, combined with nutrition science has shaped 204 Lifestyle and guided many clients to success.

With the addition of registered dietitian Joanna Gies to the Lifestyle team, we are able to coach even more individuals to their health and fitness goals. As more people discover the joy and success that comes from flexible dieting, we expect to keep growing, and our clients can expect a constantly improving service.