204 Lifestyle: The Beginning!

The beginning!

I am so excited to launch the 204 Lifestyle wesbite.

We’ve been helping people with fitness and nutrition for two years already, but somehow this makes it so “official” for me. Beyond that, it’s going to make the service so much more available for everyone. You’re just one click away from beginning your own fitness and nutrition journey!

Fresh starts can be exciting, daunting, invigorating, terrifying and so on. Think about how many times you have the opportunity to try something new, start over or redo that thing. The thought process and approach are different for everyone.

“Will I succeed? Will I fail? Will people mock me? What if it doesn’t work? What if it does work?”

I experience all of these thoughts to some degree on a regular basis, be it in a workout or when facing some new challenge I have convinced myself to tackle. The good news is that with every new challenge, and with every subsequent success or failure, it gets easier. The voice that whispers “yes Crystal! Do it! Own it!” gets louder, bolder and more assured. And it feels good to try, no matter what the outcome.

I sat on a dock at Red Rock Lake two years ago and told my husband that I wanted to help people improve their relationship with food and fitness. I haven’t looked back!

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