How to Find Joy in Fitness in 2019

A lot of people are thinking about food and fitness resolutions this time of year.

We already posted our thoughts on setting sustainable and rewarding nutrition goals framed in a way that makes them more achievable. But what about fitness?

Your fitness should add something to your life—literally! Maybe it’s muscle (our personal fave), cardiovascular health, a positive mental state, flexibility—the list goes on.

Far too many people treat exercise as a detractor; for example, they work out to create a caloric deficit. I always think of hamsters on a wheel when my clients ask about this. It’s the endless spin of eating food then trying to burn it off.

I’m not saying clients shouldn’t have weight-loss goals. We’re not here to police your goals. But exercising solely to lose weight is the fastest way to remove the joy of training. If you have such goals, find a smart coach who will help you change your life and your mindset so working toward your goals is fun.

If you’ve decided to add fitness to your life this year, that’s awesome! Do your homework  first. Here’s what we would suggest:

1. Book an apt to meet with a coach or trainer at your potential new gym!

2. Talk about your goals with the coach. Does he or she have a plan to help you?

3. Ask about the coach’s experience and philosophy. Does it sound like a good fit?

4. Try a class. Do you like the gym’s culture? Is it friendly and supportive?

5. Get started!

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