Training Through a Setback

This week didn’t start off the way I hoped it would!

Despite diligence with my nutrition and training, I took a step back with my progress according to my Inbody scan. Science says that shouldn’t have happened, but as I like to point out to my clients, progress isn’t always linear.

I dusted myself off, put my head down and went back to work. I also checked in on things like stress, sleep, training volume and food quality. I knew that things would stall when I adapted to some lower calories, so I moved them down oh so slightly to redirect the ship.

I did not punish myself with extra cardio and less food.

Despite the scan which said I gained a pound of fat, I feel great. I can only control my effort and the work I put in each day.

I’ll keep training hard and smart and see what this next week brings!

Check out today’s training for some workout inspiration! I love to superset exercises to keep the heart rate up and the muscles burning. It also saves time! I focused on pulling and pushing in this workout, with sets of 5 and rep ranges of 10-12 as heavy as possible. I timed my rest for 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

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