Sweet Ginger Chicken and Zoodles!

This dish needs to make it’s way into your dinner lineup. It was so easy to prepare, tasted amazing, and the nutrition profile is excellent.

I love simple ingredients. I find they often taste the best! And if you’re tracking your macros, it makes life easier.

I used chicken breasts, but thighs would be divine as well. I served this on a bed of zoodles, but a pairing with rice would be a great choice too.


-2 chicken breasts

-3 scallions

-sesame seeds

-1 large fresh zucchini


-1/2 cup of soy sauce

-1 tsp of fresh ginger

-1 tsp of stevia

-dash of salt

-pepper to taste


Chop your chicken breasts into very small cubes, or even pound thin prior to cooking. Pan brown in a non-stick pan, and use a little cooking spray. Set aside.

Bring your marinade to a simmer and let it thicken a little. Toss you chicken back in and coat, adding your scallions. I used a wok and really caramelized the meat.

Sprialize your zucchini, pat dry for excess water, and cook for 2-3 minutes. I used a little extra marinade on my zoodles.

Top with chicken and serve

Macros below are fr 150 grams of cooked chicken, and 300 grams of zucchini.




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