204 Lifestyle Cucumber & Grape Salad


-2-3 cups of Arugula

-1 whole large cucumber

-1/2 cup of green grapes, halved

-1/4 cup of red onion, chopped

-1/2 tbsp of hemp hearts or pumpkin seeds


-45 grams of light cream cheese

-1/2 cup of lime juice



5 grams of fat

28.5 grams of carbs

14.8 grams of protein


Peel you cucumber and slice with a mandolin at the 5mm setting. Chop into small matchsticks. Toss your halved grapes with your cucumber, arugula and onion. I used a red onion but a white onion would work here just fine.

Pour your lime juice into your cream cheese and blend with a fork until smooth. Add salt to taste. Pour over your greens and toss until everything is combined. Top with seeds and serve! This can be chilled as well before serving!

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