Cherry Tomato and Pomegranate Salad

I love mixing fruit in with my veggies. One of my favorite dishes of all time blends roasted asparagus with fresh peppers, cucumbers and big chunks of apple. It’s amazing and never fails to delight anyone who tries it.

As a nutrition coach, I give my clients veggie targets. Depending on the client we aim for anywhere between 600-800 grams a day. We think it’s pretty essential to your health to include veggies whether they are fresh, frozen, raw or roasted, it doesn’t matter. The benefits range from more vitamins and minerals in your diet on the daily, to better satiety during targeted fat loss phases. The nutrition coach in me doesn’t really care how they’re prepared – I’m going to get them in regardless. But the foodie in me demands variety, texture, amazing flavor, and color.

With that in mind, I threw together this red dish of delight the other night, and it was a winner. It’s bright, fresh, full of flavor and helps you eat for volume if that’s a goal. Really, it’s all winning.

Pomegranate and pepper salad served in a white ramekin.

I made a some small edits to my husbands dish, as I am busy preparing for a figure competition. So yes, this dish is contest prep friendly.


-50 grams of cherry tomatoes, finely chopped

-50 grams of slicer tomatoes, finely chopped

-50 grams of yellow cherry tomatoes, finely chopped

-25 grams of red onion

-100 grams of pomegranate seeds

-1 tsp of oregano (use fresh if possible)

-Dash of salt

-1 tsp of allspice


1.Chop and measure all of your vegetables first.

2.Combine the tomatoes and onion, top with the pomegranate seeds.

3.Add salt and allspice and stir.

4.Top with oregano and serve.

Macros (for entire serving)


Special Note

I added 1 tbsp of olive oil to my husbands dish. To sweeten it up – add some honey to the olive oil and stir into the veggies.

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