Crystal enjoys time in a canoe as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Live Well

The path to a happier and healthier life needs to consider a multitude of factors. Your history with food and diet, your current approach to nutrition, stress, quantity and quality of sleep, medical conditions and a host of biological metrics as well. During your initial intake, our coach will take the time to discuss all of this with you and thorougly understand your goals and barriers. This can be an emotional process for some, and certainly enlightening for everyone. By using a comprehensive intake we can really customize our clients plan.

You might be challenged to make some difficult changes, but you will do so with a compassionate and supportive coach. These changes can be as simple as adding some extra veggies to your daily intake to start or parking further away from the grocery store. As you progress, your coach can determine when you’re ready to advance in your program. This approach helps our clients adhere to their plans, and embraces our Lifestyle philosophy. We can celebrate every success together and overcome the obstacles as a team.