Lifeguard Program

Lifeguard Program

Our Lifeguard program is designed for the individual who is seeking to make a very committed wholesale change to his or her lifestyle.

The Lifeguard program is designed to provide robust support to ensure you stay on track in working toward health goals, athletic or aesthetic goals, or professional goals. We understand that sweeping changes can be challenging, and some people need increased levels of education and accountability. We’re happy to work with you to create a support system that will help you thrive.

In addition to all the services offered in our Trellis program, the Lifeguard program features:

  • Grocery shopping with your coach.
  • Meal-prep coaching at home.
  • A personalized fitness program.
  • Biweekly InBody body-composition scans and in-person check-ins.

Pricing is based on the exact needs of each client. We evaluate each client’s goals and present a detailed plan for success. Please contact us through the form below to arrange a consultation.

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