Crystal of 204 Lifestyle performs a strict dip at CrossFit 204 as part of a strength and conditioning program.


We prioritize functional fitness. 204 Lifestyle was, after all, born at CrossFit 204. A healthy lifestyle unites nutrition and fitness, and the marriage is always a recipe for success and long-term health and happiness.

Our method is always positive, and nothing changes when it comes to fitness. We encourage clients to lift weights, walk, run, and carry things for the joy that it brings them, not for calories that they will burn.

We love to show our clients how being stronger and carrying lean muscle will help them reach their goals on a healthier and more sustainable path. We have years of experience in the gym, and we’re qualified to teach you exactly how to train to make positive changes in your lifestyle. By adding personal training or group training to a nutrition program, you’ll speed up your progress.

Health, happiness and longevity are the ultimate results!